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The postman has been kind to me this week. (I say that as if he’s bringing me all these lovely things out of the goodness of his heart, rather than because I bought them online and paid for them and it’s his job.) I have bought five interesting books and am now fondling some deliciously luxurious yarn.

Mmmmmmmmm……. yarn…………..

On which subject, I have One Sock Syndrome, with a glove. I decided to use up some of the pink yarn I’d made my cardigan out of by making a pair of fingerless gloves that would keep my hands warmer than the fingerless mittens I have at the moment (which have started to curl back at the edges) when I was typing and knitting and stuff in the winter. Unfortunately, I decided to proceed on the basis that wool was stretchy and it therefore didn’t matter if the needles I knitted it on were smaller than the ones recommended by the pattern. I mean, they were only two sizes smaller…

I now have a glove that is going to be… rather snug. And little inclination to knit its twin. Ho-hum. Though I knitted the last one dead fast, and it wouldn’t take long. Should get on with it. Promised self would not start socks for my dad until I had (as need needles for that). But the sock yarn is all stripy and lovely…

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Randomness Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the children???!!!!

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