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What have I agreed to?

I’ve just volunteered to help out a friend by possibly being a case study for some PR thing she’s doing. Apparently they’re looking for people who grow their own veg, keep chickens or brew their own alcohol, or who have cut their own hair to save cash.  They added ‘preferably badly’ to this last, which makes me somewhat suspicious that it’s an exercise designed to ridicule dirty hippies, but I’d get £100 in vouchers out of it. I suspect I can’t redeem these against my MA, but they will allow me to put money that would have gone on other things towards that instead. The things I do for other people.

Incidentally, Scientist Fiancé’s mother has said that she prefers my chutney to a certain leading brand of pickle which shall remain nameless. So that’s Hamster – 1, Food Industry -0. Muahahaha.


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Rob Hopkins, Transition Handbook

“Environmentalists have often been guilty of presenting people with a mental image of the world’s least desirable holiday destination – some seedy bed and breakfast near Torquay, with nylon sheets, cold tea and soggy toast – and expecting them to get excited about the prospect of NOT going there. The logic and the psychology are all wrong.”

Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

"Food is that rare moral arena in which the ethical choice is generally the one more likely to make you groan with pleasure."

Carlo Petrini

"A gastronome who is not also an environmentalist is an idiot. An environmentalist who is not also a gastronome is, well, sad."

Sharon Astyk

"I am, of course, firmly opposed to consumerism and corporatism in all its forms, and I believe that we are deeply confused about material needs and wants. Now let me explain how books and yarn are totally different than the material things that other people want ;-)…."

Raj Patel, at Slow Food Nation

"Biofuels, which is the preposterous policy that we should grow food not to eat it but to set it on fire."