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Garden successes and failures

Someone on SSish started this thread, and I thought I’d post it here as well so I can refer back to it more easily.

Things that have done well this year are:

cut and come again lettuces
strawberries (few and far between, but tasty)
tomatoes (so far so good)
most herbs
chillies, esp the indoor ones

Things that haven’t done so well are:

butternut squash and pumpkins – lots of flowers but no fruit, even with my hamfisted attempts to pollinate them myself
pak choi – all got slug-munched, but if I had been more assiduous with the beer traps they might have been okay
peppers – just would not grow from seed, had to buy plants (though all seem to be doing okay now)
blueberries – only one of 3 bushes flowered, but the berries on that one were yummy

I’m a bit anxious my peppers won’t ripen. Scientist Boyfriend mentioned that he saw some of those plastic mini-greenhouses in Woolworths for £5 so I might invest in some, though not unaware of the inherent contradiction of buying lots of cheap plastic things in order to free myself from the system of just buying lots of cheap plastic things. I think I also read something about needing to cut off the tops of the plants so the existing peppers can ripen, but I can’t remember where I read this or if in fact I dreamt it and it is, in fact, not true at all.

Next year: be more vigilant with slugs and research squash sex more thoroughly.


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