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Independence days challenge – 7th July 2008

I’ve changed my goals with regard to the Independence Days challenge, because I was making it too easy for myself with only two a week (and generally did more anyway). I’m aiming to do one thing from each category every week instead.

Planted: I didn’t plant them, but I have received into my care a lemon tree and a bay tree.

Harvested: First peas!!! They were yummy!! And rocket and lettuce. We also went to the PYO and got about 5kg of fruit! Some hunter-gatherer instinct kicked in, and since we could see ripe berries, we just had to pick them.

Preserved: I rescued the rhubarb and ginger jam from its rather solid state and turned it back into something resembling jam through the judicious addition of a bit of water and recooking it. Haven’t tried any yet, but it looks more jam-like. I also made 5 jars of raspberry jam and have 1kg of strawberries in sugar, ready to be made into jam when I can brave the rain and make it to the shops to get more sugar. Also drying some lavender. Nik resourcefully used the scum from the jam to make raspberry champage. I remain to be convinced.

Prepped: Not a lot, unless you count stocking up on muesli – Waitrose have yummy posh muesli for about £1.30 a pack and we now have 5 boxes of it on top of our fridge. It’s been a bad knitting week. Everything needed unpicking.

Cooked: Had Scientist Boyfriend’s family over for dinner, all in varying states of sunburn,* stress and distress thanks to (variously) an impending house move and two weeks sleeping in a tent. We fed them: a Jamie Oliver recipe for chicken with new potatoes and cherry tomatoes, this salad with rocket and peas from the garden and foccacia. I was terribly worried about the foccacia as it didn’t rise, but it sorted itself out in the oven. Also a white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake concoction, made by combining these two recipes. and

Managed reserves: Nothing in particular.

Worked on local food systems: Aside from the PYO, we’ve done rather badly on this. The butcher was closed so we had to get a chicken from Waitrose and I stupidly forgot the chocolate and we had to go to T*sco for that (which I came out of utterly depressed about the future of the human race, on which more in another post 😉 ). Also, the lady who ran the gardening course and who we get eggs from is moving abroad and the cookware shop run by the slightly intimidating American is closing. I wonder what we’ll get instead.

We’ve also bought a garden table so we can eat outdoors. I think we’ve cursed summer. If it rains every day between now and September, you are perfectly within your rights to blame us.

* I don’t know what category this comes under, but the looks on Scientist Boyfriend’s family’s faces when I produced a leaf from my aloe vera plant for L.’s sunburn were priceless.


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