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You win some, you lose some…


I am proud to report that after MONTHS of trying and ending up with everything from slightly warm milk with a tablespoon of yoghurt whisked through it to a globby ricotta-type mixture that was okay on pasta, I have finally managed to make yoghurt and end up with something resembling yoghurt. Looks like yoghurt, tastes like yoghurt, smells like yoghurt.

I have exorcised my yoghurt demons.

And the initial capital expenditure (item: Thermos flask; quantity: one) should have been recouped by November! (Though that’s not counting the additional benefits of owning a Thermos flask. Money saved by making yoghurt: 35p/week. Having proper loose leaf tea on the 7.56 to London Waterloo: priceless.)

I very nearly danced around the kitchen when I realised it had worked. I am not a total abject failure when it comes to yoghurt. =D

However, my Grant loaves were an abject failure. I was getting all lyrical, thinking of the wartime women working 12 hour factory shifts and bringing up children alone rejoicing over this bread recipe that took about 10 minutes to prepare, and I forgot to keep an eye on the kettle and the water got too hot and then it killed the yeast. I tried to repair the damage, but despite a token rise overnight, they then cooked too quickly and I basically have flat bricks of bread.

Ah well. You win some, you lose some….


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