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Sod resilience; eat Spanish omelettes

Well, I was going to write a post about Grangemouth oil refinery closing, the hike in food and fuel prices and resilience and relocalisation, but I can’t be bothered. The long and the short of it can be summed up by two anecdotes: one of the hospitals I spoke to during my hospital food project last year after the town was cut off by snow and the food from the centralised NHS supply chain couldn’t get in, so they had to buy food in the local shops instead, and everyone also thought the food tasted better and was healthier (who’d’ve thought it); secondly, when we first heard the fuel protests of 2000 were going to happen, we stopped at every petrol station on the way home from school, every BP garage, every supermarket, and none of them had any petrol, and it was only when we got to the tiny garage near our house (after dithering about it because it didn’t seem likely they’d have any and if not it was an unneccesary detour) that we managed to fill up.

Ooh, we’re now having a thunderstorm and lots of rain. I don’t think my seedlings will be going outside today.

Yesterday was gorgeous, though. We went on a wild food walk at a park in Bracknell in the morning, which was quite interesting but a bit odd, as the person who was supposed to be running it hadn’t turned up, but instead of going home, a group of us went anyway as someone knew a bit about it. She promised to take us out looking for mushrooms in the autumn, but whether she’ll remember to email two total strangers in six months time is anyone’s guess.

In the afternoon, I put some potatoes in and sat in the garden doing important research, trying to work out where I’d put things. I’m dependent largely on containers this year, but I noticed that one side of the garden gets a lot of direct sunlight and the other is much shadier. I wonder how you’d do a proper crop rotation like that: surely at some point you’d end up growing peppers against a north-facing fence and lettuces in direct sunlight.

For supper, we had a great Spanish omelette, loosely based on Jamie Oliver’s frittata in the Jamie at Home book (which I bought last week with a book token from Easter) only with less chorizo and more greenery and a bit of goat’s cheese on my half. And most of a bottle of red wine.

Ooh, I just saw lightning. I’m going to get away from the electrical device now. 😉


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