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Thank you!

Oh, I meant to post this when I actually hit 1,000 visitors, but I was busy being corporate and, well, busy, but I get a tremendous egotistical satisfaction out of watching my visit counter go up, and lots of these recent posts have comments, which is even more exciting.

So thank you, all of you, whoever you are for stopping by and listening to my rantings and ravings. I appreciate it a lot. =)


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I want a storm! Not a cold! My cold cleared up, then came back again the next day in the other side of my head. Weirdness. Now the other eye looks puffy and horrid.

Here is a picture of my finished skirt. I know I have such a weird expression on, but you can see the skirt fine! I was so proud when I finished it and it fitted… Woo! Getting quite into this making clothes thing now… cut out all my bits for the jacket I’m making next and done the interfacing, though not cut out the dress as I need my teacher to help me take in the waist (curse being on the boundary between the two sizes which are in different pattern envelopes… luckily I have a robustly healthy attitude towards my body and rather than complaining about being too curvy for my minimal height, I’ve decided the narrow-minded (no pun intended) fashion industry is at fault… there’s nothing wrong with me, so it’s not my fault I can’t find clothes that fit…). I’ll get some lining tomorrow and cut that out in the evening, and go along to my class ready to sew!

Also starting to knit a cardigan, which looks complicated but is basically just a combination of knitting, purling, yo and k2tog. Bought some needles in the mad-and-extremely-cheap charity shop and, after getting frustrated that the ones I needed were given in metric and between two UK sizes, which was all they had (I see a theme emerging here) and rejecting some 3.25mm ones because they were pointy at both ends, I’ve now noticed I actually needed double-pointed ones. Bah. Hope they’ll still be there tomorrow. There were four, too, so I could actually figure out how knitting in the round works and knit some extremely fine socks…. Bought some lovely alpaca wool from the lady who runs the knitting group who has a market stall in Wokingham now. I can get non-acrylic wool without getting on a train! Hurrah! All I need now is a fabric shop and I’ll never have to leave….

When’s this storm coming, eh? Eh? Blue skies, trees only waving gently? Huh? I want my storm! I spent all morning putting bricks on anything in the garden that was likely to get blown away, and moving all my plants out of harm’s way, but also out of the way of direct sunlight…. Harrumph.

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