Crossing over to the dark side….

February 9, 2008 at 11:58 pm Leave a comment

Okay, that’s really weird, I was signed into my other Gmail account (the one with my real name on 😉 ) and then came over here and was signed in under my hippy Gmail account. Doesn’t normally happen, and I usually end up posting about composting loos on my ‘normal’ blog by accident, and then logging into my main email for work after procrastinating by posting on here and finding notifications about private messages on forums.

Life’s tough, isn’t it?…..

Anyway, the reason I wanted to post again this evening was because I’ve finally left behind any shreds of conventionality.

I can’t explain it. Momentary madness caused by the bf’s absence and the knowledge I could fill the house with all sorts of mad things before tomorrow afternoon? Maybe. Sheer refusal to admit that my house is small and live within its limitations? A definite possibility. An opportunity to good to pass up? Indubitably.

Let me make it clear that, while feeding my burgeoning interest in knitting and sewing, I have not lost sight of the small house thing. My knitting and sewing-related detritus have, until now, happily dwelt in one side of a fairly small cupboard. I even posted two balls of wool off to MrsL to be knitted into blankets for donkeys when it became clear one ball wasn’t enough for a project and I’d progressed beyond the stage of needing to knit squares and triangles to practice increasing and decreasing. While I believe in frugality and (to a certain extent) hoarding, I do not want to turn into my grandpa, who has, according to my Granny’s latest estimations, around 180 undergarments, packaged and unused, in his cupboards, and the headrests from a Renault he owned in the 1970s in the garage because you never know when they may come in useful. This is the curse of having lots of outbuildings.

But, tonight, checking my email, I noticed an ad on Freecycle: black bin liner of fabric, some offcuts, would suit quilter or toy making, some larger pieces, maybe suitable for children’s clothes.

(No, I’m not pregnant, don’t actually want to make toy’s or children’s clothes, but…. I could make shopping bags and a quilt. Mel has been posting about quilting lately and while I won’t make amazing ones overnight, some of it doesn’t look that hard.)

I fear, people, I may be developing a ‘stash’.

Fortunately my self-help group has already welcomed me with open arms.


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