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Yaaaaay, just finished a translation! I now feel like I deserve the rest of the day off, because I got up at 6… thing is, the only reason I had to get up at 6 is because I’d had a bit too much wine to tackle the business-speak last night, so I had an early night and did it this morning instead. Lots more work this weekend too, so please remind me I mustn’t spend everything I earn on seeds…

I planned out what I was going to plant this year and have plans to surreptitiously plant things off indoors (even though the bf says there’s no room) but I keep having to remind myself not to get carried away as it’s far too soon to start doing anything. It’s just it’s sunny (if cold), and there’s some peculiarly unseasonal pink blossoms on the tree in the garden, and we had a pepper in the veg box and it feels like it’s going to be spring really, really soon….

I’m trying to decide whether it’s best to start things off in the warmer, south-facing sitting room or the kitchen, which is cooler and nominally north-facing but has a huuuge skylight so actually gets lots of light throughout the day. Hmm. (Bear in mind I have no aesthetic qualms about having seedlings in my sitting room!)

Anyway, I have five wooden boxes, plus the one with the spinach, which I’m going to turf out soon, and am going to plant:

  1. salad leaves
  2. salad leaves
  3. rocket
  4. pak choi
  5. blueberries
  6. pumpkins/other squash of some kind

as well as a few grow-bags of tomatoes and peppers and some peas and/or beans in the bed in the garden. Plus a few more herbs and a chilli plant for indoors (cos the bf wants one too, and I’m ever so keen to encourage him to be enthusiastic about growing things!).

That looks rather ambitious written down, but the boxes themselves look quite small.

Have sewn up the sides of my skirt and need to pin and press the hem for the next class. Rather depressingly, it’s very uneven – there’s 9-year-old Bangladeshi girls working 16 hour days for next to no money who could do it better than I can!

And the veg box people have just been and delivered us a fruit and veg box instead of a veg box. Which I don’t mind (much) as I’ve worked selling food and it’s very easy to make mistakes with orders, and it’s quite nice to have some pears and mandarins, but it means we don’t get any sprouting broccoli which (as you may guess from the fact that I have named this blog after it) is one of my favourite vegetables. The bf once laughed at me for describing it as ‘my favourite brassica’. Although I think it has been ousted from that spot by cavolo nero now…

Just ordered half a pig for the freezer. Get to try curing bacon next week! Eep.


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