Sewing machine waffling

January 8, 2008 at 4:44 pm Leave a comment

Some very helpful people over at SSish have been trying to help me figure out what on earth the three peculiar bits of metal that came with the sewing machine are. We have finally established that the small round thing is a bobbin, which is apparently essential for actually using the machine with thread (what? you can use it with thread to sew things? and there was I using it as an efficient thigh-muscles-toner-upper…), and thanks to some painstakingly idiot-proof explanation and a facsimile of the manual that I found online, I think I know more or less what to do with it.

There are two spikey metal things, which are apparently feet. I don’t know what to do with sewing machine feet. I didn’t even realise they had feet until the other day. This is all hideously complicated, and I fear I have bitten off more than I can chew.

I suppose it was rather ambitious to suppose I could restore an ancient piece of machinery to working condition, and use it to learn a complex skill I know next to nothing of (I once hemmed a tablecloth, and I do buttons and small tears along a seam), when all available educational materials and helpful-people-who-know-how-to-sew presuppose access to a technology at least 50 years more modern… My knowledge of both dressmaking and Edwardian engineering is sadly lacking.

Hohum. I am definitely booked onto the dressmaking course, though, and should be heading off in just a couple of hours! Wheeee!! I have assembled all the requisite ‘bits’ and the directions and am praying to someone/something that whoever is teaching the course can help me translate dress patterns into a language I understand, and doesn’t think I’m completely batty for not having a machine that can do zig-zag stitch….

Defeatist? Moi? Nay! I don’t care if my curtains are wonky!


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Hugh’s Chicken Run First sewing class

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