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Risotto is possibly one of my favouritest things in the world. It is impossible to be stressed and irritable while stirring a risotto.

Firstly, it makes you be a good cook and prepare everything in advance, so you can just add piles of chopped vegetables to the pan really easily and continue stirring more or less constantly, which makes for smooth, relaxing cooking.

Secondly, stirring it is so therapeutic! It’s important to stir constantly, as you need to give each individual grain of rice a chance to cook evenly. Now, I know Jamie and Nigella with all their Recipes for Busy People, will tell you you can just whack all the stock in at once and bung the whole thing in the oven for half an hour, but I believe that people should be less busy! Less busy! And stirring a risotto is a wonderful excuse not to be busy for 40 minutes.

This means risotto is the kind of thing you can only really cook for family or very close friends, as you couldn’t invite someone you didn’t know that well over for dinner and then spend 40 minutes obsessively stirring grains of rice, so it has lots of lovely, homey connections!


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