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Well, the spinach seeds are planted. I bought some more compost at the hardware shop at the top of the road, where the shopkeeper was extremely helpful! I used almost a full bag in the one wine box, though, so with bags of compost at £2.99 and roughly £1.50 for seeds, each box I plant will cost about a fiver (if we spread the cost of tools, fertiliser etc across each), which means looking at investing in a composter and investigating seed-saving would be really economical options! Might think twice about eating the butternut squash seeds in the fridge…

Still, (depending on how much I grow, I suppose) a fiver for a load of veg is still pretty good compared to Waitrose…

I was watching ‘Jamie at Home’ and ‘The Wild Gourmets’ last night. ‘The Wild Gourmets’ irritated me a bit, as does Jamie Oliver if I’m honest – I really admired the school dinners campaign, but it annoys me when he seems embarrassed asking people to take time over their cooking, or to care about presentation. If you really believe it’s a good idea to cut your courgettes into pieces that are the same shape as your pasta quills, then for heaven’s sake, be proud of it, man! Don’t get all bashful about it!! Have some confidence!!

I digress…

My point was, that there must be vast swathes of people for whom the idea of growing your own veg or shooting game is completely weird. I think I failed to appreciate that for a long time – having always grown up with veg from the garden and pheasants hanging up outside, not to mention living in deepest, darkest Northumberland amidst abundant cows and sheep, where food comes from has never been a mystery. So, even though I find these programmes a bit annoying, I’m still glad that an hour of prime-time television was devoted to the message that if you want to eat meat, you gotta kill something… You want a carrot, you gotta pull a carrot out of the ground….

Am volunteering for Sustain, doing research, from next week. Financially daft choice, but I’m so excited about it, and hopefully it’ll make me more employable afterwards. Fingers crossed!


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Rob Hopkins, Transition Handbook

“Environmentalists have often been guilty of presenting people with a mental image of the world’s least desirable holiday destination – some seedy bed and breakfast near Torquay, with nylon sheets, cold tea and soggy toast – and expecting them to get excited about the prospect of NOT going there. The logic and the psychology are all wrong.”

Barbara Kingsolver, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

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