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Gratuitous garden photos

Argh, have just spent ages faffing about with photos, unsuccessfully, and fully expect to publish this and find about 10 posts, all with pictures of strawberry plants and my jungly garden… which would not be good.

Anyway, here is my measly haul of blackberries from yesterday, which I now can’t make into jam, as I couldn’t get any wax discs or a funnel. (Could probably live without the funnel, wax discs rather more necessary for mould-prevention purposes.) I did contemplate just melting some wax on top from a candle, an idea which Scientist Boyfriend didn’t dismiss as ridiculous, but then I remembered that all my candles are scented, which kind of put the kibosh on that plan!

These are my strawberry plants, which I have refrained from naming. All happily in their pot, but now I look at them in the harsh light of a photo, I realise that one has slightly more room than the others. Oops.

Lastly, here are some photos of my jungly garden, which I include to shame me into doing something about it, especially as you can see over the fence and get an idea of how lovely next door’s garden is!

I did spend ages pulling up all the weeds from the gravel alongside the path, the whole time thinking: “No! Don’t go there, Hannah! You’re condemning yourself to a lifetime of grubby fingernails, bad backs, holes in the knees of all your trousers and getting twitchy at barbecues cos you want to deadhead your host’s roses. Is this the future you envisaged for yourself? No? There’s still time, if you want to escape… You can just… walk… away…”

Needless to say, I stuck at the weeds. Now I need to clear the only useable bed so I can put something useful in it next spring, and, erm, find the rockery….

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