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Allotment excitement

Have just gone on the waiting list for an allotment. Hey, in 5 years, I might even get one!!


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I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older, or just because I’m getting greener, but I’m feeling very autumnal at the moment, very in tune with the changing weather. I spent most of this month in Morocco, and while I had an absolutely amazing time, now I’m home I feel like I’ve missed out on something. I’ve missed the best of the blackberries, judging by my measly haul yesterday, and I’ve missed the frenzy of bottling and jam-making etc. I left while the summer veg was still at its height, and I’ve suddenly been plumped back in England at the time when you’re facing the prospect of eating nothing but carrots and parsnips until April.

Have been spectacularly lazy today. Had a brief telephone interview for a job with a wine merchant, but I don’t think it went very well – stumbled a bit on my lack of any wine knowledge more sophisticated than ‘mmm, that’s nice’ and ‘eww, that’s going to make me feel rough tomorrow’. Shame, as the job sounded really interesting and the guy was really nice. Ah well. Sure something will turn up. Otherwise, I spent most of today avoiding a) washing up and b) going to the shops in the rain. I did briefly contemplate leaving the scone-making detritus outside in the rain…

Went a bit squash crazy in Waitrose. Bought a gem and a spaghetti squash and have sod all idea what to do with them! Also rang the council and found out I can get a really good deal on a composter. £13.95 for a 220l and £18.95 for a large, plus £5 delivery, which is much cheaper than I’ve seen elsewhere. (Water butts are cheaper in the garden centre though.)

Does anyone know anything about composters? There’s only the two of us, and our garden is basically a big patio, so I don’t know a) how much compost we’ll get, or b) how much we’ll be able to use. I assume it’ll be fine for using in containers. I had thought of getting a wormery, but they’re just so expensive, and also I heard you can only put about a day’s worth of kitchen waste in each week, so in terms of cutting down landfill waste it wouldn’t be that effective. I’d say we were a fairly typical household, so how much compost would two people’s kitchen waste make? Will I be able to use it? Am I going to have to ring my dad and have another ‘gardening for dummies’ conversation?

Ooh, and someone on INEBG said that ‘The River Cottage Meat Book’ was on special offer in WHSmiths, but I trekked there in the pouring rain and it wasn’t. *sob* And I was so excited, cos I was gazing longingly at it yesterday, but decided not to buy it, as it was quite pricey and I don’t have any money.

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