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The Great Coriander Experiment, Part 4

Once upon a time, I bought a coriander plant from a supermarket. It thrived for about a week, then started to look sickly. I fed it some coffee grounds as an experiment (someone on selfsufficientish said they were good fertiliser). It shot up to about 2 foot tall and then flowered.

A few months later, I planted some coriander seeds in some washed out yoghurt pots. I just used the seeds from the supermarket, again on advice from someone on selfsufficientish. They didn’t germinate. I googled coriander in a panic, and some snooty gardening website told me I should have planted a variety grown for leaf. The seeds went mouldy.

I went to the supermarket to buy some more yoghurts, but bought another coriander plant instead. It was a much posher supermarket, so I thought it might be a better quality plant (I noticed a distinct difference between a cheap supermarket basil plant and one I bought from a garden centre). It thrived for about a week, then started to look sickly. I went on holiday for three weeks, leaving it in the care of my boyfriend. The plant went mouldy.

Sighing, I returned to the supermarket to buy some yoghurts and got some proper seeds from the hardware shop. I have just planted them. Fingers crossed, everybody…


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