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May 26, 2007 at 9:01 pm Leave a comment

Usually, when I go shopping I find myself endless repeating the phrase, ‘no, it’s all right, I don’t want a bag… no, I’ve got my own… yes, I’m quite sure, thank you’. Today, the guy who served me in Sainsbury’s didn’t flinch when I got out my massive black cloth bag and even said, approvingly, ‘good for you’. He was also very friendly and polite and asked me all about my exams and my course. It made me very happy, so I mad a point of saying how lovely it was to talk to him. I wish all shop assistants could be like that.

Then, I went to Whittard’s. I noticed they’ve started selling tea in old-fashioned tins. The greenie in me got massively overexcited, and I spent ages wrestling with my conscience over whether to buy those or the cardboard boxes: Well, I could compost or recycle cardboard… if I had a compost heap or if the council would recycle it… Is it more energy effecient to make cardboard or metal packaging? I wonder whether the plastic seal over the tins is bigger than the plastic bag inside the cardboard boxes… I could reuse the tins… But what for?

Does anyone else spend ages deliberating things like this in shops? I always feel ridiculous!!! I blame working in the farm shop – I am physically incapable of buying anything without thinking about where it came from and what’s going to happen to the waste. Anyway, the tea deal was eventually clinched by the fact that they didn’t have Moroccan Mint or Kenyan leaf teas in the tins.

Mmmmm, tea.

M&S still haven’t asked me if I want a bag. Despite all the signs. They also haven’t replied to my email asking about their new ‘Farm Assurance’ scheme for milk. Sounds like an excellent idea, but I can’t find out how it works, or if it applies to the other dairy produce in store. Tut tut.


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