One hour no power

May 20, 2007 at 12:26 pm Leave a comment

Just found out about this initiative through self-sufficientish. Basically, you’re supposed to turn off everything (non-essential) for one hour at midday on July 1st: cars, television, computer, radio etc. It isn’t a power-saving exercise, but more “a symbolic hour in which to switch off from the modern world and look at our everyday lives, to see how we can make some long-term changes that will help our planet”.

Suggestions for things to do with your hour include:

  • Spend some quality time with family and friends.
  • Hold a sponsored event for your favourite environmental group.
  • Take to the roads on your bike, board, blades.
  • Hug a tree (while stocks last).
  • Hug a cynic (there’ll be no shortage of these).
  • Write down your personal green action plan for the coming year.
  • Find a quiet spot and savour the peace.
  • Hold a John and Yoko style love-in.
  • Wear something green.
  • Wear your recycled, home-made One Hour No Power T-shirt in public.
  • Get some friends together, find some musical instruments and make acoustic music.
  • Get a neighbourhood party going.
  • Read a book in the park.
  • Plant a tree or flower.
  • Make a costume and donate it to an aspiring Real Life Superhero.
  • Do some philosophical work on your inner-self.
  • Paint or draw.
  • Play board games.
  • Start a conversation with someone new.
  • Write a letter to someone and mail it.
  • See if you can stretch it to two hours.

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Rob Hopkins, Transition Handbook

“Environmentalists have often been guilty of presenting people with a mental image of the world’s least desirable holiday destination – some seedy bed and breakfast near Torquay, with nylon sheets, cold tea and soggy toast – and expecting them to get excited about the prospect of NOT going there. The logic and the psychology are all wrong.”

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