Rubbish and musings…

May 2, 2007 at 8:40 pm Leave a comment



  • Plastic freezer bag
  • Yoghurt pot
  • Ends of carrots, onions etc from dinner


  • Can from chopped tomatoes
  • Bits of veg you aren’t supposed to eat
  • Mouldy bit of ginger
  • Wrapping from DVD

There were more tea leaves and coffee grounds, but I stopped recording cos I generally have one lot of each every day.

All in all, not very much in a week! Would probably fit easily into a single black bag, particularly if I get a wormery/start a compost heap next year. Much of the packaging is plastic – I do try to buy stuff with minimal/non-plastic packaging, but sometimes it’s quite difficult: toothbrushes, for example. (Maybe I should just start cleaning my teeth with a twig!!) I don’t buy DVDs/salad spinners every week though.

I do regularly buy muesli, yoghurt and milk – in fact, dairy products in general – in plastic packaging. I am hoping to get milk delivered in glass bottles next year (I’ve always thought milk tastes better in glass bottles), and I suppose I could make my own yoghurt, but it seems a bit faffy, and I can’t realistically make all my yoghurt, cream and cheese, at least not straight away.

I sometimes wonder if I’m trying to do too much. I love cooking, and I’m really enthusiastic about the possibility of being able to garden more next year, and I’ve also started knitting and cross stitch, hoping to get a sewing machine and start making clothes next year, as well as the things I already do, like singing, writing and getting lost in books for afternoons on end. And, you know, maybe having a job, to earn some money, to buy the ingredients/plants/material/books. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going to end up being a mediocre cook, a gardener who doesn’t tend her plants properly, someone who makes lots of clothes but they look really unprofessional, and not have time to do anything well, since I’m so caught up in doing everything.


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Scarf-in-progress Lie of the Land, C4 documentary, 3/5/07

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